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Originally Posted by John Hebblewhite View Post
Hi Bill, I thought we were all indentured apprentices in Bank Line not Cadets.
At least that is the description on my Bank Line indentures. Wages being agreed for the next four years, 1963 the gross wage of an apprentice was 165 per year with a promise of a further 30 for satisfactory service at the end of the four years. You will also note no record of service in your discharge book all records of voyages were entered on your indentures during your apprenticeship.
John,having read your post I have just looked up my discharge book and the three ships that I was on during my 4 years apprenticeship are all fully filled out including Vgs for the three ships,they were maplebank25/8/52--26/1/54
First years wages was 5.16.8
maybe they stopped filling out discharge books later on.

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