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Just looking at my discharge book and found I was on the Boniface for only a few weeks bringing her round from Rotterdam to Liverpool Nov/Dec 64.

Any you blokes remember an incident in Belem involving us ( sure it was Valiente) and the Veloz or Venimos. this isn't imaginary stuff. Some of the guys on the other boat had bought some guns and ammunition in the States for them to sell in Manaus, but at the last minute they found out they were not going up to Manaus after all.
So in the spirit of goodwill (and the chance of an extra quid in it for us !!!) we generously offered to take them up for them and hurriedly got them transferred as quickly and quietly as possible before we all went up the road for Belem's nocturnal attractions.
Someone however had seen us and the next morning very early all our doors were crashed open by a squad of Marines and the goods pulled out of the dunnage hatch where we'd stowed them and us in front of them. This was serious stuff.
I can't explain how we got off but the other boat was impounded and had to wait for the British Consul to come up from Rio or somewhere to handle it. (This was all at the time when Castro's influence was spreading from Cuba).
On the way up to Manaus and Iquitos I seriously considered jumping ship, but returning to Belem a few weeks later found it had all blown over. Probably a few cartons of Pall Mall and whisky changed hands.
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