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Originally Posted by Alan Rawlinson View Post
Hi John,

You've got me going now, and all the memories of lying out in the Hooghly are flooding back! (Pun intended)

I had a surreal experience on the Inchanga in 1951 when detailed off for the night shift when lying out on the buoys. The ship was crawling with repair wallahs and a myriad of unknown bodies as usual. In the small hours of the morning, I went into our double cabin where my fellow Apprentice was sleeping, and I sat on a chair near the door for a few minutes break, and in the dark, I should add. I felt someone brushing silently past me, but could'nt be sure and dismissed it as imagination. Only in the morning, did my chum notice that his watch was missing from the table beside his bunk....

I was always fascinated by the skill of the boatmen in the river, crabbing their way across the river to the landing stage. Always fancied trying my luck at it! Would probably have ended up at Sand Heads!!
I remember when we were waiting in the Hooghly overnight on the Irisbank to dock in the morning,the Greek ship,also waiting in the river,woke up to find they had no mooring ropes!
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