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Originally Posted by Alan Rawlinson View Post
Joe, Can't remember which ship it was, but discharging cardboard boxes of lovely silk and coloured fabric items from the Far East in Durban on a nice sunny morning with extra special care on the security i.e. apprentices plus a shore guard. Despite this the stevedores managed to go ashore at the end of the shift, singing and hollering, happy as can be, and wearing the ' goods' as a means of pilfering. Multicoloured tops and dresses, plus the usual 2 left or right shoes.
yes can still see the the dockers all going ashore with brand new sandels on their feet, only place they could not get into was the strong room at the aft end of nos 3 tweendeck.
seem to remember the chant went something like...aos,aos aos as they dug their hooks into the gunnies,just over three to the ton.

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