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Originally Posted by John Campbell View Post
Another memory - the wallah with a huge bundle of magazines - mostly months old copies of Daily Mirrors and the occasional "dirty Book" How that poor soul negotiated the trips out to the ships at Garden Reach on the sampans and then up the accommodation ladder. Those Daily Mirrors would pe passed around for months afterwards if anyone of us had a rupee to spare. There was also the dobey wallah who would come back with shirts and shorts stiff with starch.
I still have a nest of tables and a lamp stand purchased and sent home by Ram Jam Punchabi -kind soul.
And of course I had my Burtons leather bound
How about the little tailors that would come aboard in Calcutta and sing out " sew, sew, turn collar" offering so called references from satisfied customers, many of them spoof signed, like Mickey Mouse, or Donald Duck.
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