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Booth Line

My late father Owen Hughes, was a chief engineer with Booths in the mid 60's and sailed all the way up to Iquitos. I rembember dad talking about a Polish 1st mate, who had been in the RAF. I did recall dad talked about a Chief Steaward called Fred. There was also a skipper called Sharp, Sharp by name, Sharp by nature. He never allowed the chief stewards to make any money on the sideand ran a very tight ship. Going up the Amazon made a huge impression on dad. Pier number no1 in Brooklyn, where Booths sailed from, is now a public park, Was in New York a few years ago, was very moving being near to where dad used to sail from. Starling Press have a book on Captain Humphreys, time with Booth's, gives a very good insight into the life and times of the company. Dad also used to look up a retired Welsh skipper, in Manaus.
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