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Marconi Sahib,
I was browsing thru your photos nd came across photos of Rabaul unfortunately in the news again because of more volcanic activity I was there in 1956/57 on the S.S.Corabank we made fast to a dock which was a sunken Japanese ship and in coming alongside we hit her such a godawful crack took a small chunk out of the prop. This ship had been sunk during the war and after hostilities were over they had built causeways out to her and then filled her with rubble thus making a dock from which we loaded our cargo of copra While we were thus occupied a team of Japanese salvage divers appeared alongside us and proceeded diving probably to conduct a survey however they came up a damn sight faster than they went down
It seems she was full of torpedo warheads and various other ordnance
all of which was highly unstable so the story went As I recall you could stand on the f'csle and look down No1 Hatch into the tweendecks allthe rest were full of rubble I don't suppose she stayed in use for long as the Japanese were salvaging all the metal they could at that time
Cheers Geoff
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