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Originally Posted by R651400 View Post
Hi Bill,
GND approx September 64 to October 65. I think Eddie Macrae moved into my slot.
Missing from your list of old timers was Bob Fox and Alex Watters.
Sad to see the SK's from my time.
Ken Foster Oic.
Big Donald Macpherson torpedoed twice during the war and renowned for his home-brew curries on nights.
Norman Murray must have been in the army. I recall he "procured" a Japanese officer's sword after a surrender which belonged to a Samurai family and which he was able to return eventually to the delight of this officer's family.
Wish I had seen this yesterday to jog my memory as I was at lunch with a visitor from Stonehaven who started his apprenticeship '64 at the Invercarron garage.
Many thanks, Malcolm:
I don't know about Bob - certainly he was still around a few years ago - but Alex (a real gentleman, I thought) is no longer with us, I'm afraid.
Donald MacPherson used to say that, one night while he was on his break, Alex came in and virtually dragged him into the Ops room, where he had switched off everything possible. Alex said "This'll be the only time you've seen the room in complete darkness." Dan said he dashed around the room switching on the receivers, etc, while expressing his view of Alex' parentage. Alex left about a year or so after I joined in 1979 and didn't have a long retirement, I'm afraid. Neither did Dan - only about 9 months.
Do you remember Dan's "Pope's Eye Souchle"? - a beef stew?
Best regards

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