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Originally Posted by steviej View Post
I was on the Furness Bridge in 1973 and we experienced the similar storms and the the forward deck hatch dogs came loose filling the forecastle with sea water. I was really upset as I had to rebuild the generator in the forecastle. Missed many a meal walking up and down the deck. Could have been worse.
The Focsle hatch was always dogged down and lashed when we were at sea, lessons must have been learnt from other sister ships.
If I had to work up fwd I'd always carry a flask of coffee and a sarnie for smokko to save the long trek aft.

The Hydraulic pipes to the hatch winches were rotten and always failing, it was a nightmare to keep up with Hydro oil and new sections of pipe, there was no such thing as a spill kit those days the spillage was washed down with Gamlin and rags.

Also weekly inspections down the tween tank bulkheads and pump room bulkheads for cracking
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