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Originally Posted by uncle Ray View Post
I was on the Tynebridge from 1975 to 76, I joined her in Finland and was butterworthing the tanks / hatches to change over to dry cargo we were just off the top of Scotland on our way to the US when a fire broke out in the pump room , all the Co2 on the ship ( 162 bottles ) was set off into the pump room and dowsed the fire, we sailed on to Newport News with no fire fighting system. a couple of trips before I joined her she had an explosion in Tokyo Bay and lost no 9 hatch lids and the trip before that she hit an Iceberg and holed the bulbous bow, this was filled with concrete in Canada. She did have cracks we used to monitor them weekly and when in port a team of welders were brought in to weld them up. Happy days
I joined Tyne Bridge in Japan in about May 1976 as a first tripper Galley Boy. Left her, in Japan again, around December 1976. Loved the trip and the experiences but what happened to Derbyshire was a shock to the system.
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