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Originally Posted by John Cassels View Post
Thanks Dougie , all the times I sailed with Ronnie on the Eurofreighter never knew he went on to better things .
It was only 3 weeks ago after trawling the ‘threads’ that I saw Ronnie name, (my thread #274 Asiafreighter).
In 1976 Falmouth, as ECO, I was working alongside Ronnie most days and ‘up the road’ most nights. At that time it would never have occurred to me that Ronnie would have gone onto the positions he held.
Looking on ‘Google’, Ronnie really does look the part.
Sad when anybody leaves us.

To Dougie and John C, I must have sailed with you at sometime between 75 and 77, I remember the names, I think, but not necessarily the faces.

Here’s to Ronnie, whose face I remember very well.

Peter A
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