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Pennyworth explosion 1965

I am new to internet forums so please excuse me if I am not posting my request in the right place. I have been tracing my family history and would like to find out about my late grandfather Henry (Harry) Tait. He was Chief Engineer on the Pennyworth in 1965 (which I believe was an ore carrier) when there was an engineroom explosion on Sunday 8th August off Newfoundland, My grandfather and 5 or 6 other crew were taken to hospital in Newfoundland by a fishing boat and the Pennyworth was later taken under tow. My information so far comes from the Shields Weekly News on the 13th August 1965. I am wondering if anyone can recall anything about my grandfather on this trip or indeed any other voyage and or the incident on the Pennyworth (which was his last time at sea, he was 65 at the time of the accident)
Can anyone remember anything ?
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