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Originally Posted by Banni View Post
George. I was born in Garelochhead, as stated my mum worked at metal industries and we stayed at Faslane Cottage, next to the cemetery. Although born in the Garelochhead my family come from Arisaig, Invernesshire, bit of a scary connection here?
Small world! I lived in Garelochhead from 1954 to 1974 and it was a really nice place. The shipbreaking yard and the submarine base were the two main local employers. Some of the workers at Metal Industries were "displaced persons" who had arrived from Eastern Europe at the end of WW2 and and quite a few had married local girls.
The submarine base a.k.a "the base", before the coming of nuclear subs. used to have open days which were most popular. You met all your friends when climbing about the inside of a submarine!
Strange to say I have never been too Faslane Cemetery although I have several relatives there.
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