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Originally Posted by selwyn thomas View Post
I also remember a story where someone came back late at night climbed up the drain pipes and entered a top window only to fall through a ceiling and end up in bed with Captain Hutson..bless him had a large night cap on.......
I joined Ocean Fleets in the Jan 80 Eng. Cadet intake. We were only at Aulis until March when we moved to Iliad House in Birkenhead. I do remember though that one Year 2 E/C came back late one night, climbed the drainpipe to get into the single cabin building and fell through a skylight onto a pool table.

When we were in 2nd. year and said E/C came back to Birkenhead Tech as Phase 3, he suffered a fit in the refectory. I was able to assist him (having seen and dealt with fits at camp in the USA). I believe that he sinished his studies and left OF thereafter.

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