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Originally Posted by gleniffer View Post
Here's ours, a DB2, the smallest they made, in our little ship :-

The tug was bought as a wreck, fitted with the engine after repair (frost damaged water jacket), and back in the water in 2017.

The enquiry about the Dominion Monarch is because we suspect our engine came from one of the DMs lifeboats.

Dominion Monarch was prewar built vessel. Can you date the engine that you have? DM was taken out of service in 1962. She was used as a floating hotel in Seattle then went to Osaka for scrapping. Question is, how did the engine get 'left behind' in UK when the vessel went to the far east?

That engine looks a touch too big for a lifeboat. Might well have been but it just seems bigger that what have seen. I think the DM had two motor launches. Possibly it came from there. Again, how did that engine get left in the UK?

Another question. Is there any possibility that it came from another Shaw Savill ship. I do know that the NORTHERN STAR was sold and sent for scrapping in 1972. Just a few months she went for scrapping they needed a replacement 'motor launch'. The two launches, brand new launch was put on the ship. Two months later the ship was sold for scrappers and before she went to the far east, the launch was taken off the ship and someone in the company took possession of the launch. Now, this is just a story that I was sold in 1977. Some of the cadets who were on the STAR for that last voyage were with me the ICENIC. Might be true. So, is there any possibility this engine is in you tug? My other comment, the engine seems a bit too large from a lifeboat.

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