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Do we need this petty squabbling about who, and who has not, got Navy ships out there. The Navy ships from USA/UK/France/Netherlands etc etc are working as an alliance and cover areas where the others do not have a presence. There are no points to be scored by squabbling on here, the situation is too serious and should be treated as such. Britain had its time as the oceans policeman, the USA wanted and has taken over that role, it's all history.

We as seamen and ex-seaman decry the minimising of our Navies, both Naval and Merchant, but what is, is! and it saddens us all at the decline; but numbers have been replaced by technology afloat and ashore and it is not always necessary to have floating deterrents, no matter how impressive, on site to control a situation.

Lets hope it can all be contained and does not escalate above the present tit-for-tat, and lets not forget Russia and China have economic ties with Iran, both no doubt would welcome being able to offer military support, either technically or hardware and possibly both.
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