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Loch Loyal

Originally Posted by gerry scaife View Post
Hi all
This is Gerry Scaife, ex Loch Loyal bottom of the pile "Junior engineer" I'd like to tell you first of all that seeing Loch Loyal on your site was Wonderful.
Is that not a beautifull ship?. That their were so many ships like her gives an idea of the joyfull memories that many British sailors have.
Where are all the the old Royal Mail crew?
I have to correct the info you have on Loch Loyal, The engine was a B&W 2 stroke 7cyl exposed top piston diesel, and in 2 years of operation I remember one one hour shutdown in the atlantic for a fuel pump repair.
I joined Loch Loyal in August '67 in Victoria Dock from the Prescott St pool. We went up the West coast of the States up to Vancouver and paid off in Rotterdam.
I can't remember many of the crew except the storekeeper who was a real card.
Happy days.
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