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Originally Posted by gra_am View Post
Hello All,
My twopenneth on this.
I had the pleasure of sailing with two female cadets. The first was Sarah (second name eludes for the moment) who was from Watford and Vanessa Radley who was from Grantham, Lincolnshire. Both were on the Tay with me and I couldn't extend my 'trip' any longer because the 'owners cabin' was needed by two head office secretaries that had 'won a trip', on a ship.
Someone please support this , otherwise it was a great dream.
Vanessa played table tennis for Lincolnshire, at some level and it was necessary to book the table in advance, she was so popular

Graham it was no dream, Tay Dec 1977 you were 3M and 3 DC's ( one male H Farhoudi) and the two females, Vanessa Radley and Sara Clarke. Vanessa was 3M on Reliance 5/85. Nothing at present on Sara past DC on Esk in 1978.
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