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Originally Posted by twogrumpy View Post
We had a female 3/O who was married to a 3/E in the company, he was made redundant in one of the pre 86 culls, he then sailed with us as a seagoing husband.
Checking with the mem. on the date, I was reminded of the 3/E who came to our cabin one evening to ask us not to tell his wife, who we knew, that he was having rumpy pumpy with the 3/O.
Funny old world.
Two Grumpy,

The female 3M was a 1976(?) DC Chris Chee, She married CW Ison a JE or 3E in 1979. A photo in July 1979 Fleet News. I have 'sort of' located her and spouse.
I might be in your neck of the woods this summer.

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