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Sorry its taken so long to reply. I remember Hussain as he was the cadet on my watch, I took to learning Persian to get the tank numbers right. Nice lad, no idea, probably a pilot at Bandar ......!. Sarah was a great cadet and probably went much further but I guess in cargo because her boyfriend was there.
Vanessa was a first trip cadet who joined in Swansea, light ship, and looked up the gangway after struggling down the short jetty, eyes hoping for help.
Some Junior Engineer has a lovely wife.
Go on Hussain help her.
Bloody hell!
I'll do it
Which cabin do you want?
Deck Cadets I suppose.
(All those cartoons of hearts fluttering) {that's me}
I fell in love with Vanessa but being young I thought it was lust.

I managed to lose the ship in Hamburg (how many petroleum havens) and she got told off for being late on watch.

Sorry Vanessa, it was all my fault.
Nice to see Vanessa progresses despite me
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