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I sailed with several during my time as a cadet. I sailed with Sylvia the R/O she must have been one of the first she was much older than me. I sailled with 4 or 5 Deck Cadets but I can't recall all thier names. None were at collage at the same time as I was. I expect most packed it in for the same reason most guys do. Fammily and life at home. It was great while I was young but the fun wore off as I got older. I sail with lots of women today and ocasionaly am the only guy on deck with an all female deck crew. Times Change. I have never sailed with a female Master but a couple of my Female Mates have now started working as Master. There are a few more on the way. In all cases it took a first to blase the trail. to what is now relativly common. My own line of work lends its self better to familly life as I now run a Ferry.
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