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Originally Posted by ninabaker View Post
OK folks, Graham has finally tracked me down.

I was BP's first female cadet and the UK MN's first girl to go through the ordinary deck cadet (OND) scheme. Sheila Edmunton did the elite BSc entry system with Denholms, which was not at all the same sort of training.

I started applying to shipping companies in about 1969 and it took 3 years of my own efforts, supported by a keen guy in the British Shipping Federation to find a company willing to take a chance on me. The BSF wheeled me round several companies, including ones that took girls the year after I started, but it was Capt Stuart Lefever at BP who took the chance on me. I went through about 10 interviews right up to the Board of BP (literally) and loads of psychometric and medical tests before I was offered a place. Oddly, considering what became normal practice afterwards, I was the only one appointed and in fact I dont believe they were even considering another girl at that time to go with me. So I went through virtually my entire cadet time as the only female on ships or in the college halls of residence.

I went away to sea in August 1972 and left the sea finally in the summer of 1979.

I am thinking of scanning some of my own memorabilia and letting Graham put it up on his website.

nina bake
Hi Nina,
I sailed with you and Vanessa for a fortnight on the "Osprey". We had a happy trip up to the North Cape and back. As I near my retirement, I am sitting with another ginger headed deck cadet just setting out on her seagoing adventure. Rhiannon and I are speculating where it will all end up. Perhaps a doctorate, and a "Green" Councillor in Glasgow!

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