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Reading your post made me laugh.

Was on the Humbolt when it ran aground...managed to mostly sleep through it :/

Tony was the welder "wiggy" - ace bloke who could spin a scouse yarn or ten. Wouldn't buy you a beer though.

As apprentice spent much time getting the soles of my boots melted. The burners where crap and despite every trick in the book would not continue to burn. Blame 4th for having shite oil. i.e. blocked nozzles every 10 minutes and plenty of water.

Ling was a legend.

Archie "the egg" was famous for pilfering eggs... and falling off his bar stool backwards just after removing his specs - comatose.

Helen Vessey was the other girl - cadet.... retired to marry the 3rd mate as I remember?

Happy days indeed. Despite feeling like I was about to peg out many times.
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