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Originally Posted by Peter Cheseldine View Post
I am sure that it was Derek who relieved me on the Atlantic Splendour off Durban, when I managed to lose some fingers. I too was made redundant in 83 and went on to work for Worldwide shipping.
Dont.... don't...just don't ment...ment...mention the Atlantic Splendour

I had three weeks to go before sitting my 2/E exam ... so the company popped me onto the Splendour in Largs (Glasgow) and sail with her over to Canada (? I was in shock so can't remember). What a nightmare. If anything could break, it did. I returned home safely, sat my ticket, passed, and then became the highest qualified 5th engineer in the company. I left with a reasonable redundancy payment some short time later.

But the Splendour goes down in legend forever. I believe in the end she broke her back and sank?

Grief. I still feel the fear now.

The CY Tung OBO Atlantic Splendour at the Verolme yard around 1980 in British steel colours. She was built by Eriksberg as Tibetan for Wilhelmsen in 1970, became Muirfield in 1972 (Denholm management) Sold on 1982 to become Salvia and sank in 1991, on trip from Chile to Pohang, carrying iron ore.

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