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I remember seeing her bows on the slip at wallsend when the Tyne tunnel was opened in 1967.I was in the Northumberland Hussars TAVR unit from Blyth and part of the opening ceremony honor guard.Who would have guessed i would be part of the trials crew as a JOS in 69.We left the slip with no ballast,no fuel and no supplys of any kind.The ship had 5 tugs on her,3 on the bows and 2 on the stern,i think there was 2 more standing by.As we went down the tyne i could not belive how many people had turned out to watch her.As we proceded to go thru Tynemouth Jettys,we had 1ft to spare on either side.We anchored offshore and proceeded to take on supplys and fuel/oil for the main engines and generators to get ready for sea trials.
I think your memory is fading a bit, the distance between the piers at the mouth of the Tyne is 1200 feet - not even the Northumbria was that wide

" For those in peril of the sea ......."
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