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Originally Posted by Graham the pipe View Post
Just 'un-earthed/down-lofted' my indentures, signed 9/9/'57. Rubber stamped for 'completion of same' 24/7/'61.

Found I earned total of 669 - 15 - 00 for my four years 'time' less one and a half months remission for 'good conduct' ~ or was it 'King Ted's' gratuity?

How about your 'dates and monies'?
Mine dated 1st August 1960 (South American Saint Line ) were:
1st 3 months 28 15/- (after 9 months remission from Warsash)
Next year 169 only
Next Year 175 only
Last Year 200 only

Total for 3 years 3 months = 563 15/-

My father also had to pay a 50 premium which was refunded in instalments over the period, subject to good conduct reports from each master.

Happy days.

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