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Originally Posted by mcgurggle View Post
I was Cook/Steward on the 'Alfred Everard' up in Gothenborg. It was mid winter & as no-one had any 'dhobi dust' aboard and it was too cold to go ashore for some, I decided to make my own! I grated a bar of that old 'carbolic' soap which was a yellow colour. The dhobi room was just off the mess room, (we had an old 'wishy washy, paddle action Hotpoint washing machine) so I headed for it. As I passed through the mess room with the grated soap on a plate , a greedy AB shouted 'Oh look! CHEESE ! He had a handfull down his throat and was going for a second one when he realised his mistake.
He never got off the 'pan' for 2 days & his stomach cramps were terrible.
Moral ?? 'Always ASK the Cook before helping yourself ' !
Serves the ba***rd right LOL
AH YES! The old 'Carbolic Soap' trick!

Sailed with a 3rd mate on his first trip as such. He was a six foot redhead. After a week or so he started to throw his weight around, with the deck crew at first, then the catering boys. He became a fair dinkum b*stard!
What to do about him?
Over a few beers we discussed this growing problem amongst what was otherwise a great crew.
The cook was an easy going Cornishman who, as with the rest of us, was heartily sick of his carryings on.
'Doc' was renowned for his curries and Macaroni Cheese, the latter being a favourite of the 3rd. So a plan was hatched!
For the next few weeks he took a potato peeler to a bar of Carbolic and with just a couple of shavings at first, added them to the Macaroni on the 3rd's plate. He always liked extra cheese with the plate two minutes under the grill.
The 'dose' was gradually increased - not enough to be noticed by the recipient - but the effect was marvelous!
While it did not completely cure him of his arrogance, the time he spent on the bog certainly subdued him to a great extent.
The 'medicine' did not appear to have any lasting effect although we heard that the Mate was not too happy with his performance!!

I always helped to peel spuds as you really had be friendly with the cooks for obvious reasons!

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