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Originally Posted by crockettr75 View Post
If anyone is interested I worked for Offshore Marine from 1970 through the purchase by Zapata finaly leaving to join OIL in 1988. I have photos of all the vessels owned and operated by OM, was involved in the building of some and the repair and maintenace of all.

I have some excellent memories of the pionering days of the 70's and reading the threads above brought back some names long forgotten.

Hi Tony,
The name Tony rings a bell. My last boat with OM was the Shetland shore. I went to a German outfit then an American outfit. I then teamed up with Eric Livermore who was murdered in Nigeria. We were trying to buy a couple of the old OM boats but couldn't raise interest in your office. I got married to an American girl and ended up managing their operations in various world wide locations.
Tony Jones ended up marrying a Louisiana girl too but I don't know
where he is now. Capt Peter, I can't remember his name but he was Tony's sidekick ended up in Dubai and we would go to dinner every now and then. Now I'm retired and live in Arizona without a ship in sight.
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