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Booth Line

Hi duquesa ...Yes Pier 1 is a Park now for sure, nearly all the berths on the Brooklyn side have gone..........but them turkey heroes were something else, making my mouth water just thinking about them.
Remember the heat coming into New York in the summer....and sitting on the boat deck of the "Veras" at night drinking Shlitz and eating "Turkey Heroes", not forgetting the dill pickles.
I never sailed with Sharp(Macaco Branco), but I relieved him a few times.
Hi hugdavliv ...I sailed with your Dad in 1966 on the "Veras" when I was Mate..I think he did 2 trips with us Ned St Roas was Captain. If I remember right one of the trips was when we towed to "Dennis" of the bank off Portel, we all got a nice bit of salvage for that.
I cannot remember a Polish 1st Mate but I sailed with a Polish Chief Engineer Stan Witouski, you was a real character as were most of the crews you sailed with Booths. There was an old Welsh Skipper who lived in Belem that used to work for the old Iquitos Steamship Co., cannot remember his name.
Most of the old Chief Stewards I knew have passed away now Alfie Boyce, Jimmy Spears and Billy Deary all good shipmates.
Just heard that Eric Bentley(CriCri) at Booth line who ran a shipping agency with his sons in Manaus passed away a few years ago.
Anybody remember Pinky Webster?
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