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Originally Posted by alaric View Post
See #11 .
As Adrian Newey is probably too busy at the moment I have been giving the rotor funnel idea some thought myself and have passed it along to Norsepower for their views. Norsepower is the company who did the Ro-Ro Estraden installation and have also got Rotorsails at sea on a Viking ferry and a Maersk tanker.
For Attn. Tuomas Riski, CEO Norsepower.

Some pipe dreaming from a retired Engineer who admires the good work your company is achieving improving shipping efficiency and environmental standards.

It occurs to me that further gains are possible by eliminating conventional funnels and utilizing rotors in their place. It is envisaged that exhaust gases are directed into the base of the rotor and are released at the top via vectoring nozzles which would control the rotational direction and speed of the rotor.

This arrangement has a number of potential benefits;
•Electrical power to spin the rotors reduced or eliminated.
•Cleaner airflow onto/off rotor.
•Generating deck space.
•Exhaust gas released at higher level.
•Improved aesthetics.
I appreciate that one of the major selling points of your system is it’s basic simplicity, and my proposals would undoubtedly increase complexity and first cost. However, the technology is proven (Harrier jump jet) and if these nozzles prove to be capable of eliminating the electric drive altogether the extra costs would be reasonable if applied to a new build rather than a retro fit project.

I would be interested to hear your views on the concept, could it be a viable system, or should it remain a pipe dream?

Should you decide to investigate the proposal further I do not want to have any involvement, but if a nozzle rotor ever gets to sea I would love to be on board to see how it sails. I will bring my own earplugs!
There is a bit of "Form" associated with this type of idea, I understand it was quite noisy!!
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