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I traced Erika's details through the Miramar Index in the golden days when it was free to access. My Dad's Discharge Book shows Erika as Reg Ton 1682 and the voyage starting in London on 25/4/1919 and ending in Cardiff on 14/8/1919. The Description of Voyage is River Plate, which was hardly E.D. country and a long way for a ship of only 1682 tons. I guess I only believe it was managed by E.D. because he said so. All the other details he spoke of, going to Montevideo and the ship being a war prize are borne out by Miramar. Erika was built in 1906 and returned to the Germans after WW1 but sunk by the RAF in WW2!
It was a long time ago and no one involved is going to be alive now, I guess. Perhaps even my slight contact with E.D. is false - except I definitely was in Scotts Yard
on 12/6/56 when Egori was launched.
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