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500 kHz Recordings Spark Transmitter perhaps

Glad to know people are enjoying the sounds of marine
radio recordings made here at Malin Head.

I will pick out some more 2182 khz recordings and
keep searching for a recording of GND on 500 khz.

The attached recording was made using a simple
Regenerative receiver. This one was made on the
7th of March 1994. Note the raspy, almost Spark like
sound from the Portugese Navy station CTS, calling
CTFU. Also note 9AR, from Croatia, IAR RomaRadio,
EAV, SPH, and EAS whose signal is so strong it is
almost overwhelming the receiver. Finally CTS calling
CTFU, who replies with a clean sounding CW signal.

The antenna was an Active type using a 6 foot whip.

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