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500 kHz Recordings DDDSOSdeGLD 8TH March 1994

Greetings again,

Please find attached another dose of Nostalgia
with this recording of LandsendRadio/GLD, with
a lovely sounding MCW transmitter on 500 khz.

From the DTG of the broadcast, ie 081229 utc,
this recording was made in daylight, yet shows the
range of reception SAG in the north, up to Wick,
yet also copying the ships answering GLD's broadcast,
being well south of my home QTH.

Note the resounding blast from GPK, thundering in to
my Regenerate receiver. Distance from here to GPK
being only 100 miles.

I still have SUH , 4XO recording waiting if anyone
wants them posted here.

Sit back and enjoy this recording from over 21 years

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