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Hi again, Dave, long, long time ago, on a VLCC far away........
I joined in Trinidad beginning of November 1975 and got off again in Trinidad in February 1976.
C/O Dennis Sullivan
2/O James (Shamus) O'Connor (my daughter's Godfather in 1978)
2/O Nick Samson
Cadet ? Adams
C/E Sellars. (I'd sailed with Les Hayton before on the Norway)
2/E Martin Millard
5/E Pattinson and his wife joined with you or at Rastan
The rest as you say.
A month at Pointe a Pierre before sailing for the gulf and a week back there before getting off.
I remember meeting up with the Texaco Sweden 'cos the forced draught fans were on the fritz again. 20 gallons of electrical cleaning fluid and a case of "Smash" 'cos we'd run out of spuds.
I've got us as doing no more than 6 knots for a week while you all beavered away down below.

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