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I would say to anyone who writes for their own satisfaction to keep their passion alive and hope that their grand children may one day read them, contact your local University Librarian (or the one near where you spent your childhood) as your jottings are all part of history. My own ramblings about what I could recall from age 5 to 27 (120,000 words) are lodged with Hull University, it is not necessary to have been to University, my own formal education virtually finished at the age of 13. However I have always been an avid reader[/QUOTE]

I have been an avid writer ever since I bought a computer 18 years ago and I never miss an opportunity to place on paper any of the experiences or thoughts that come to mind.
The great majority of this scribe lays dormant in my hard drive with the hope that some day some one might dig to its depths and expose the meanderings of this old man who may have been their Great great grandfather!
A fair bit of my jottings are imbedded on this site, one of the reasons my hackles are raised when SN's existence is threatened, an emotion stirred that is as powerful as a mother reacting to a critisism of her child or that of a woman scorned.

One day Molly Woppy I might be discovered.

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