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Originally Posted by PJG1412 View Post
Hi Harry, There is a nice closeup shot of the Envoy going pass the Swing Bridge. Its amazing how close they are or were to the traffic, no idea what date it was.
Regards Pete
PS: I bought the DVD's in the Railway Museum in York, the photo of the ship caught my eye, and was surprised to see the Envoy.
Pete, Early Feb 1961, sailed from Manchester 8am cleared Eastham by midnight. It was the one and only time I was on the canal and remember the Swing Bridge very well and as you say we were very close to the bridge iron work. In later years i got to know the Swing Bridge very well as i was assisting with the operation of a fleet of canal hire boats from worsley. Most punters went that way to go on the Cheshire ring, that ment they could go right around in 1 week, [ that is with long days ]. Sometime it was closed for upkeep which was a problem.. Cheers Harry
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