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Hi James. Welcome to the site. Hope you have many memorable contacts via the site. My name is Alex Hood and I was on Salmela late '63-mid '64. Same route as you via TS Dolphin. Salemela as a great ship, great crew and I had a great time during my 1 trip on her. I remained with Salvesen throughout my time in the MN and sailed on Saldura, Salmela, Saldahna and then finished with the MN after 3 or 4 trips on their Norwegian coasters. I was actually on Salmela with JG Grant, who also replied to your link, but he joined in Capetown after our cook and 2nd cook jumped in New York following a huge fight with the bosun. Long story and too long to repeat here. Funny thing is I thought I recognised a few faces in your Dolphin photo but maybe I came across them on some trips. Anyway, enjoy the site.
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