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Originally Posted by P.Arnold View Post
I did 4 trips on the Valiente,up the river. From New York, via nearly all of the WI islands, and up to Manaus, Iquitos. Round trip of about 13-14 weeks. Drydock in Hoboken with bent prop, nearly every trip.
Had my 20th birthday in one of the wood ports.
It still has the Wow memories 50 years later.
Your post triggered a lot of memories from WOW to WTF.

I did 3 on the Cyril as RO in 1977 but they were 7 weeks or so by then, if I recall correctly, Manaus only . Had my 19th birthday in NYK courtesy of the CO, top man too (if he is reading)! However, to this day, I haven't forgiven him for making me measure ever single log we loaded on the river (but my figures were bob on!), nor the near death experience in St Lucia.

A normal day then.
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