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Thanks for that - no radar - OK. I did sail on a few ships where the radar was only switched on by express permission of the ' old man ' and this is what has blurred the memory!


I remember the Mombasa picnics with the lifeboats being exercised - the habit must have carried on, and was a pleasant way of spending an afternoon - once the engine could be coaxed into life!

Yes, Capt C.S. Palmer. Could write a book about him, subject to the censors. He was an unsmiling uncompromising disciplinarian, of the old school. As 3/0 on a 24 month voyage on the IRISBANK I was told many a time to stay out on the bridge wing, and not to venture inside unless absolutely necessary. The compass error was to be entered into the book every watch without fail, and woe betide if the actual error was markedly different from the previous one. He was unable to fly back from Bathurst with us, due to a heart condition, and he sadly died after returning on an Elder Dempster passenger vessel.



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