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Clyde Bank

I joined the Clydebank 17/10/57 in Colombo transfered from the Laganbank for my sins. Fourth Engineer in the 'Laganbank' to "Junior Second" on the Clyde. She was the worst fed worst maintained work house I have ever had the miss fortune to sail on. However I learnt alot about how to work a dead horse. I can't remember the name of the Skipper but the Chief was a scott named Scott. He had his wife with him her name waqs Corra. The Chief and she pretty much kept to their cabin. The Second eng was just about drunk all the time, and come to think about it so was almost every body else apart from the crew. The ship had picked up a cargo of Carsburgh for India and some of the cases got broken. How ever I paid off in Liverpool. The ship then went to Holland and then to be broken up. Amen
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