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Originally Posted by randcmackenzie View Post
True, but with one shaft alternator running with the diesel, there would then be enough?

Yard Nos. 419/420 Asialiner and Asiafreighter?
I'm sure. SG 1 MW, Paxman 1.2 MW - can't remember plant(container/deck) load (may even have a load balance somewhere - sad, sad, sad) but easily enough for thruster.

I do remember one Chief preferring to do standby with the preferences already tripped if Paxman unavailable - can't remember who (but maybe this was also the time with John Benn when we had one SG tacho 'overidden' as well).

420's drawing also annotated G T S 'EURO FREIGHTER' - the only other 'evidential' reference I might have is AEG Shaft Generator customer reference list from Bernhard Schulte (Johann Schulte and Wilhelm Schulte have SGs of same principle - remakable how the control electronics had 'shrunk' in between the two generations apart from that only the DC link short circuit protection was unrecognisable - here it is the technique/skill base that had advanced. In engineering terms the same could have been done in the 70's and with the same elegance and capital saving). Two or three net references also tie 420 to Eurofreighter.

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