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Hi Andy, I think i had moved on by then, it must have been Dave who seen to the Tenchbank. I remember the name John Ellis and do remember John Scott. I enjoyed most of my time with IMRC but it came to an end one night about 8 at night when i was stuck up a samson post on a Nigerian ship trying to sort out his aerials and it started to snow. Its times like that you wonder what you are doing. I don't know where any of the lads are now i used to keep in touch with Tony Johnson but lost contact. I was also in touch with Ian Urquart and Steve Teare but just heard this year through the ROA that Steve had died. I am enjoying the SN site but am just getting to understand it and have traced a couple of lads i sailed with but Dick Ware only seems to have posted once and i sent a PM to him bu nothing back yet. It is good to hear from you Andy hopefully we may hear from some others from IMRC. Best regards George
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