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Battle of the Atlantic special event 20-27th May

Bill Cross, G0ELZ, Chairman of the Marine Museum Society, Wallasey, UK, and David Oakden G3UFO, have announced that special event call signs GB70BOA and GB70WA will be on the air between May 20-27th.

The event will be hosted by the Marine Radio Museum Society (Wallasey) [resident callsign GB4FPR], at Fort Perch Rock New Brighton.

Members of the Wirral and District Amateur Radio Club (WADARC), the Chester & District Amateur Radio Society (CADARS) and the Tall Trees Contest Group [G5D] (based in Cheshire) will activate GB70BOA from Fort Perch Rock at the Mersey entrance and GB70WA from the Leasowe Lighthouse.

The activity is to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. Approximately 2,800 merchant ships were lost during this battle and 30,000 merchant seamen lost their lives. Similarly, 30,000 Allied Naval and Air Force personnel and 30,000 Kriegsmarine sailors also lost their lives. These numbers vary according to whose history of WW2 you read, and the above numbers are a rough average.

Operations will take place on all band 80-10 meters, as well as VHF/UHF operations on 144 and 432 MHz on all modes. This event is especially important to Liverpool and other Merseyside hams because the battle was commanded from the Western Approaches command and is now a premiere WW II museum in Liverpool.

Operators are hoping to make over 2800 contacts during this period. A special QSL card is being produced in commemoration.

More details can be found on as well as:
GB70BOA and GB70WA are part of the official recognition of this event
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