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Originally Posted by Ron Murray View Post
Greetings Hogarth grandson. We don't have your name but I guess you will recognise yourself.
Scottish Ship Management still has an active website which you are very welcome to browse through. As it shows, we not only have an active group of ex crew and office staff who meet not only weekly for 'lunch' in Glasgow but still have a vibrant Annual Reunion. We would like to welcome you to join in if you are in the area sometime.
You may like to continue here or, better on our own website, Scottish Ship Management. Surely some of our ex Hogarth or Lyle guys will have knowledge which could interest you.

Ron Murray
ex Recruitment Officer
Hi Ron, I wonder if it was you that recruited me in March '76? Joined Cape Rodney in Govan,was maiden voyage. Just had another look at the SSM site a few days ago and its been updated a bit and enjoyed looking through all the photos.
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