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I enjoyed the video but but that vessel was far much luxurious than any of the coasters I sailed on re J.Monks ,Savages,the Roquane out of the Channel Islands or even my all time favourite the little Torwood,I didn't see the acting cook go ashore for stores ,did the crew have to pay for their food?did they change to paraffin lamps when in port as we used to when the engine shut down? And radar wow, and slinging hatchboards that was the first thing I did as a 15yr old deck boy on the Hazelfield,and as was only 5ft6ins weighing in at 7st ringing wet and it was pouring down the boards were heavier than me I was knackered, and was I missing something they only covered the hatch with one tarp and a canvas style lorry strap across wouldn't have done in savages or any of the others I sailed on.Sad to see that the company was finished soon after but the video was a witness of the last real sailors under the Red Duster.
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