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Originally Posted by david freeman View Post
I am unsure of the exact geography or my memory of this river that goes from the WASH to wisbeach? In the 90's travelling by road Norwich to Mablethorpe, I seem to remember a vesell beam on blocking the river just seaward of the road bridge [Nowich-mablethorpe-Boston], and the then anglia news covering the story for some 2-3 weeks, before the vessel as released from its position/predicament? No trade was permitted on the river. The vesel was a coaster dry cargo type??
That was a vessel called the Lagic.It was across the river upstream from Port Sutton Bridge.It had a steel cargo and it broke its back in 2 places.The port continued to be used whilst the Lagic was salvaged as they bought the ships up stern first.Wisbech was cut of whilst the salvage operation took place.
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