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Originally Posted by alanengineer View Post
First trip 3rd eng. joined July 70 at Bandar Mahshahr up the river at the top of the Gulf.
I can quote from a newspaper cutting that my old aunt saw in a Glasgow paper, but I cannot remember the exact date.
" No alarm yet" over tanker
Shell Tankers, owners of the Brittish vessel Axina, said in London to-day they did not feel any need for alarm yet over reports that the 12,283-ton(GRT) tanker had not been heard of for some days.
She left Walvis Bay, in South Africa, on October &, bound for Port Sudan.(actually the Gulf.)
Reuter reports said no word had been received from the tanker- with an all-British crew - since then.
The Shell spokesman said the vessel had been sighted off Cape Town and later off Port Elizabeth in the Indian Ocean.
"It is quite normal for a vessel not to be in touch with us during a voyage. They radio that they have left port and give an arrival date and theit destination"
It is possible, the spokesman said, that the Aina ( paper missprint not mine) may be having some engine trouble, and he added-- "We are making all efforts to get in touch with her."

The real story in the next installment, but may be in a month's time as I am leaving the island ( Islay) on holiday.

All The Best.

if you are from Islay, do you know my old mate Neil Brown who was my junior on the Marticia in about 72. He lived at his dads farm at the west end of the island (dont want to broadcast his address)
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