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Originally Posted by NZ JollyJack View Post
Hi Guys,

I was on the "Striat Shore" in Port Gentil for two trips in"79 then on the "Pacific Shore" and "Viking Shore" '80 then back to the "Pacific Shore/Service" as it was Zapped. I was 3rd Engieer. I still Remember the beer "REGAB" I think Hell it was awful.

Cheers, from JollyJack

Aka. Kiwi also Geoff Chowles
Hello Kiwi, I well remember your name but for the life of me just can't put a face to it !
I was cook on the Pacific and we took her from Gt.Yarmouth to Gabon and I can't remember when that was either . My discharge book is buried under mountains of new kitchen units that we are storing for our son. Anyway, Lennie Gillings was skipper and Dave Thomas was chief engineer, Henry Dalton was 2nd Eng I think. I remember taking stores for 3 other ships and feel pretty sure the Strait was 1 of them. Had a big BBQ the night we arrived ,on board one of the OSA boats down there. My mate was bosun on her at the time and the whole ship was invited to the the party. Didn't remember much about it at all but my mate said I had a good time and my head was able to confirm that. We would be at sea for a week and in port for a week. Never went ashore except to buy fishing hooks and that was only once.
I caught a Hammerhead shark while sitting on the hook at the J.W.Bates. Everybody was panicking to haul all the other lines in and then we got a call to go alongside. Lennie gave us all the time we needed to get the brute onboard and it was thrashing about the deck like crazy. By this time all the other lines were a birds nest . Dave Thomas came sauntering down the deck with a 28lb maul and soon took care of that. Both eyes went screaming up and down the deck like someone teeing off from 1st green. It tasted great on the Barbie. It lasted several days. The fishing was great and you could'nt move in our freezers for fish . The locals soon found out we had fish for sale and once alongside they would swarm aboard and and stick their names on those they wanted, they'd then return with cash in the evening and go home happy as Larry.It was a great 3 months and I enjoyed every minute.I sailed with you once or twice after that. Maybe it was the Cromarty as I was a long time on her but the old grey cells are in decay now and I don't remember too well .As soon as I can find my Disharge book I'll have a better idea.
Best regards Kiwi.
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