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I read with great interest the correspondence on the Euroliner-class boxships since I dealt with these superb vessels in their final years with OOCL which purchased the ships from Hamburg-based Ahrenkiel following the demise of Seatrain in 1980.
By this time they had been re-engined by HDW, Hamburg with twin medium-speed Stork Werkspoor diesel engines after the huge increase in fuel costs between 1973 and 1979. Whilst they were re-engined their carrying capacity was increased from around 1,700 TEU to 2,200 TEU by increasing their draught and expanding their on-deck box capacity.
Initially OOCL used all four ships on a RTW service between the US and the Far East but during 1987 transferred three of them to the Dart Line which saw them return to the transatlantic trades as replacements for the so-called 'Seapac' (1,000 TEU) vessels built by Namura, Japan which by then had become too small for this service.
The replacement diesel engines brought about a major decrease in service speed to around 19-knots. Interestingly, some of the space taken up by the air intakes in the accomodation block during their Pratt & Witney period was converted to crew quarters after they were re-engined. Sadly the ships suffered regular breakdowns and additional engineers would regularly travel with the vessels, no wonder they needed additional cabins !!
OOCL sold the ships in 1991, two went to CMA of France whilst Shanghai-based Cosco also bought a pair.
Euroliner and Eurofreighter were demolished in 1995 as Bright River and Splendor River whilst Asiafreighter was scrapped in 1998 with Asialiner finally bowing out in 2001 after 29 years in service.

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