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I just wonder? BP had ss Tankers, and an output shp of within the range you state. 18,000 to some 25,000. There were various plant layouts: however the ones I remember, were two Main boilers, with 600 to 800 psi superheated 800*F to 1000* F and the main turbine plant on the whole was of 'PAMATRADA DESign'.
Two 32.00 dwt tankers were built to 'Pamatrada design, but of admiralty specification, and while the normal/nominal speed of a laden tanker was some 14/15 knots: these two admiralty spec tankers could open up and give a service speed of some 18 knots plus an onion.
It is all in the mind, the normal daily consumption was some 100 tonns of if admiralty some `150 tonns over 24 hours.
The hidden problem was total voyage consumption and BP was nominally NW Europe through Suez to the Persian Gulf+ a prayer if the vessel was delayed at the destination port { some 12/14 days NW Europe to Suez, and then some 12 days to the Persian Gulf= a total of some 28 days or there abouts between bunker ports.
With the Suez crisis and the haul round the cape, some 35 days port to port, bunker capacity for the unforeseen was delicate, unless slow steamed?? Hence the death of the Turbine/steamship, apart from the direct comparison of fuel consumption {motor-steam]. Less bunker space more cargo space greater earning capacity, if one is cynical
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